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Print is a synergistic “team player” and a valuable part of the marketing mix..



Many of today’s most successful marketers use cross-channel multimedia campaigns to get their messages out. In fact, a recent Experian survey showed that 88% of respondents plan to integrate three or more channels in their 2014 marketing campaigns.[1] Not surprisingly, the best results often come when these multiple channels are used synergistically, with one message integrated across various media. But what might come as a surprise to some is that print is still a valuable part of the marketing mix.

For example, as recently reported in Adweek[2] and the Wall Street Journal[3] a growing number of e-commerce sites are now adding printed catalogs to a marketing mix that typically also includes email, display ads, social media and more. These retailers have apparently discovered what other companies already knew: Print catalogs help boost online sales.[4]

The ongoing Choose Print campaign is an excellent example of the value of taking a coordinated, multimedia approach – and including print as part of the mix.

First launched in 2011, the Choose Print campaign aims to get the word out that print is not only recyclable, renewable and sustainable, it’s also a proven way to drive online sales and deliver results. The hub of the Choose Print campaign is the ChoosePrint.org website. Updated each month, the website is a one-stop source for printers, graphic designers, ad agencies and marketing professionals to access the latest research, articles and downloadable resources about print’s marketing power and environmental record.

To drive people to this site, the cross-channel campaign has included a wide variety of print and digital media: Direct mail postcards, printed brochures, ads and inserts in trade journals, media releases, prewritten articles available for reprint in other organizations’ newsletters and marketing materials, articles in industry publications, vehicle wraps, mentions within industry e-blasts, YouTube videos, blog posts, social media sites, trade shows and expos.

Which of these tactics has worked the best? Because the campaign was designed to use all of these media synergistically, it’s impossible to say. But has print been a driving force in the campaign’s success? The answer to that is a resounding “yes”!

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