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Print is the only medium that lets you reach out to your customers and give them something they can touch, feel and hold in their hands.

Print lets you target your message to only the customers you choose, and deliver that message directly to their door.

A print piece won't vanish with a keyboard click or if the battery dies.


This spread was designed by Ian Findlay and appeared in the Spring 2014 Issue of the Print Power Magazine, pp. 40-41. To read the magazine, click here. Photo courtesy of Print Power Europe.

Why Designers Love Print: Barbara Kosoff


Designer and illustrator Barbara Kosoff, one of the two winners of GDUSA's 2014 "Digital Print Cover Competition," understands that there will always be value in good design. Regardless of the medium, she says, "a piece must look good, convey a message, and be compelling, interesting and memorable."

When Kosoff is designing a print piece versus a digital piece, she finds that meeting all these criteria is just that much easier.

"One of the things I love about print is that it's tactile," Kosoff says. "I love being able to use different varnishes and textures. I like the fact that people can hold a print piece in their hands. You can touch it, turn its pages and interact with it. It's your own experience."

In short, print has a physicality that stimulates the senses and arouses the emotions. It's a tactile experience that delivers results.

"I do a lot of self-promotion," Kosoff states. "I send e-newsletters. With e-newsletters you can see who's opened it, who's clicked on it – surprisingly, people don't click as much as I'd like them to. I've had much more success when I send out a postcard campaign. People save these postcards!" 

Kosoff recently sent out copies of the GDUSA magazine that features her winning cover design. She wanted people to physically have it, because she knew that the cover looks completely different in print than it does online. "The Neenah paper on which the cover was printed has a cool, metallic quality to it," Kosoff explains. "You can't see that online – you can only see that when you have it in your hands. I think that's the beauty of having a print piece." 

Many of Kosoff's clients have also reaped the benefits of successful print campaigns. "For example, I created a direct mail piece for a major technology company that opened up to become a poster," Kosoff notes. "Unfolding the poster was an important part of the piece's tactile experience. People loved those posters! They hung them up in their cubicles and saved them for months." It's hard to get that kind of interaction – or staying power – with electronic media.

"Creating is a serendipitous process," Kosoff declares. "Starting with an idea, I work intuitively and let the story unfold organically. There's that unknown piece of the puzzle that makes it all come together like magic."

Kosoff strives to have that magical moment…and print's tactile quality helps her create magical moments for others, too.


Ad in Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Graphic Design USA
& Spring 2015 issue of HOW Magazine
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Barbara Kosoff's work can be viewed by clicking here.

© Barbara Kosoff

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