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Explain why the brain prefers paper.

Let non-profit clients know that direct mail is still the strongest prompt for donations.

Bust myths about paper’s carbon footprint.

Have you ever stopped to think about how important print is to the Oscars award show? After all, when it’s time to announce the winners, it’s “the envelope please,” not “hand me the tablet!” And as this video shows, designer Marc Friedland has used print to turn those award envelopes and their contents into works of art in and of themselves.

It’s no surprise that Marc Friedland loves print. To learn more about his work, visit www.marcfriedlandinc.com.


Facing budgetary pressures, many organizations are considering changing their print magazines to online publications. A recent Virginia Tech study[1], however, indicates that this might not be wise.

Subscribers to Virginia Tech’s alumni publication were sent either a print version of the magazine or an email invitation linking to the online version of the magazine, and then contacted by telephone and asked a series of questions about the publication. The results showed that:

All in all, the print publication appeared to be more effective than the online publication. As the author surmises, “ceasing a print publication in favor of an online-only publication might hurt the effectiveness of an organization’s marketing communication, and managers should not make the decision based on cost alone.”

[1]“Can a print publication be equally effective online? Testing the effect of medium type on marketing communications,” Robert G. Magee, Virginia Tech, Marketing Letters, March 2013, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 85-95.


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