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Numerous research studies have validated why print belongs in the marketing mix. Click here to see the research archive.

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Talking Points

There's a romance in print. In a highly audio-visual world that can sometimes be ephemeral, print work is substantive, tactile, permanent.

Print creates a different relationship than digital between the reader and the words; you feel more relaxed and are more likely to enjoy reading the longer stories.

In some print publications, ads are actually perceived as a value rather than a distraction.

The use of recycled paper is one of the many "green" options that print provides.

Case Studies

Community Bank's postcard campaign generates 250 new accounts and $17 million in deposits.

Foster Care Agency's print campaign drives 250% increase in website traffic and 73% uplift in enquiries.

At LA Parent Magazine, print drives the business.


Each month L.A. Parent magazine reaches approximately 200,000 Los Angeles-area parents, primarily moms in the coveted 25 to 44 age group. Although many marketers assume that this demographic prefers digital, L.A. Parent has proven that these women obviously appreciate the joys of print.

Print is L.A. Parent's Driving Force
"There's a lot of ways that L.A. Parent connects with parents, and about 80% of them are through print," explains Publisher Ron Epstein. "I know how many people are going to our website. I know how many people are viewing our e-newsletter. They're all healthy numbers, but they're nothing compared to print. Print is the driving visibility force for us."

Because Epstein is not in the business of wasting copies of magazines, he has his distribution company complete a thorough audit every month. "We know that the print magazine has a 93% pick up rate across Los Angeles," Epstein states. "So if you want to tell me that print is not alive and well in the 25 to 44 demographic, I've got statistics to tell you otherwise. It's doing very well!" In 2013 L.A. Parent launched a new annual publication for the special needs community. Epstein printed 50,000 copies, and the response served to reinforce the fact that parents still clearly want print. "We ran out of copies. We printed another 50,000, and this time they were gone in three months. In 25 years of publishing I've never had to print more copies. I had people coming into the office because they couldn't find the magazine at their market or library" – in spite of the fact that a digital version of the publication was available online.

Print Ads Get Results
While L.A. Parent's readers clearly love print, as a free distribution magazine the publication relies 100% on advertising revenue to pay the bills. Epstein's advertisers tell him that ads in L.A. Parent's print magazine work.

For example, one of the magazine's advertisers is Plaza El Segundo, an outdoor mall serving the El Segundo area. "They have told us that the reason they were able to grow their mom's group, bring people to their mall and help moms connect with one another was through their ad in L.A. Parent," Epstein says. "Not through our website, but through their ad in L.A. Parent."

Another advertiser, The Help Group, tells Epstein that they have measured their response on all of their ads, and their ad in L.A. Parent's print publication pulls the best for them.

Perhaps so many advertisers stick with L.A. Parent magazine month after month because, as studies have shown, print magazine ads motivate 35% of readers to take action.1 After all, as compared to digital ads, physical ads trigger greater brain activity responsible for value and desirability for featured products, which in turn corresponds with a greater intent to purchase.2 Print ads work.

The Demand for Print is High
"Every day we have another office call us to say they need more copies of the magazine because people are picking them up faster than ever before," Epstein adds. "People can tell me all day long that print is dying. But for us, not only is print not dying, print is thriving. And I see more of that to come!"

1Gfk, Starch Syndicated Research, "Print Magazine Ads Motivate 35% of Readers to Take Action – Unchanged Since 2010," April 2014
2USPS Office of Inspector General, "Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response," June 2015

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Talking Points

Direct mail has a greater effect on purchase than digital ads, according to a new neuromarketing study.

California's book publishing industry is expanding. Book are alive and well and beloved by many.

Catalogs drive sales by making a connection with consumers and serving as inspiration books.

The resilience of print, despite the growth of mobile and digital consumption, may still be underestimated (according to Ovum's new Digital Consumer Publishing Forecast).

Case Studies

IKEA uses print to increase their number of social media followers

Land Rover's edible "desert survival guide" direct mail book gave big boost to test drives and sales.

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