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30 leading North American companies have removed their misleading “Go Paperless – Save Trees” claims.

The volume of growing stock on US timberland has increased by 58% over the last six decades.

Even CNET, one of the oldest and largest online tech publications, is recognizing the value of print and adding a print edition to their line-up.


This spread was designed by Ian Findlay and appeared in the Spring 2014 Issue of the Print Power Magazine, pp. 40-41. To read the magazine, click here. Photo courtesy of Print Power Europe.

Barnes & Noble makes the case for why print books make ideal holiday gifts.


Tired of all the hype about how we should all go paperless and “save a tree”? So are we. After all, media campaigns such as “National No Print Day” only serve to perpetuate the myth that printing and packaging are major causes of deforestation. Which, as it turns out, is really not true. In fact, print is actually good for trees.

Consider these facts:

But this is not the whole story. Paper manufacturers and printers often provide chain of custody certification, through FSC, SFI and PEFC. This certifies that trees used to make paper have been harvested from forests that support responsible, sustainable forest management practices. In addition, the Lacy Act amendments of 2008 require paper importers to declare that the paper did not come from illegally harvested sources.

In the end, from sustainable forests to the renewable nature of trees and recyclability of paper, the paper and printing industries have a positive environmental story to tell. Print on paper and healthy forests go hand-in-hand.

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