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Numerous research studies have validated why print belongs in the marketing mix. Click here to see the research archive.

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The Value of Print

Print in the Mix

Mail Moves America


Print is the ideal communications medium and a powerful marketing tool. But because it has been around for so long, print often gets lost in the enthusiasm for newer options, such as online and social media channels. Yet, after all is said and done, print is still the prime communication and promotional vehicle. Why? Because of its unique characteristics: Print is durable, portable, credible, universal, beautiful and works well with other media. Most important, print works.

Print Provides a High ROI
Studies show that print gets read – a whopping 78% of households read or scan the advertising mail they receive.[1] A Direct Marketing Association study showed that direct mail advertising gives businesses, on average, a remarkable 12 to 1 return on their investment ("ROI"). The high ROI holds up across all industries. For example, printed catalogs have been shown to provide a 7 to 1 ROI[2], while direct mail provides the lowest cost per lead or order, ahead of email, pay-per-click and telemarketing.[3] In fact, a study conducted by Oracle found that 79% of consumers surveyed make purchases via printed catalogs at least four times each year.[4]

Shoppers Are Influenced by Print
In a 2014 study[5], Nielsen analyzed 11 key marketing touch points (i.e. sources that consumers refer to before and during shopping). Although just three of these touch points were print and eight were digital, print produced far greater shopper engagement – nearly 20 points higher than the next-closest digital touch point, emails. Similarly, GfK's Starch Syndicated Research has found that magazine ads motivate readers to take action, with 35% of magazine readers having taken action on a print magazine ad this year.[6]

The facts cannot be ignored: Print builds brand identification and powers sales. It's no wonder print media is still the workhorse of successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

Click here to download a detailed infographic about the ROI of direct mail.


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