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Numerous research studies have validated why print belongs in the marketing mix. Click here to see the research archive.

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Download this image file of the Choose Print logo that you can use for your email signature. Ask your graphics department for help in setting up an email signature for your particular software.


Download and use the Choose Print logos on your print materials and website to help spread the word. Please follow the Logo Usage Guide for details on placement, colors, etc. Click here for some logo examples, or follow these links to download full sets of the three different logo arrangements: Main, Horizontal and Vertical.

Download this image file of the Choose Print logo that you can use for your email signature. Ask your graphics department for help in setting up an email signature for your particular software.

Print out these 17" x 22" posters to prepare your team to overcome inaccurate but commonly-held beliefs about the environmental impact, communication power and marketing effectiveness of print on paper.

Print Myth #1: Digital is a more effective marketing tool than print
Print Myth #2: Cutting trees for paper threatens forests
Print Myth #3: Nobody reads direct mail. Digital media is much more effective
Print Myth #4: Electronic communication is more eco-friendly than print
Print Myth #5: Print is a big contributor to landfill waste
Print Myth #6: Digital media's lower response is offset by its lower cost

The following articles are available for you to use in your company newsletters and marketing materials. No reprint permission or attribution is necessary.

Effectiveness of Print
Even Digital Publishers Are Turning to Print
Print is Powerful
Print is Gloriously Tactile
Online Publications are No Substitute for Print
Packaging: The Unsung Hero of the Print World
Print Bridges the Gap Between the Tangible and Digital Worlds
Print Fits Well in the Marketing Mix
Print Drives Both Online and Off-Line Sales
Print Drives Online Giving
Print Gets Consumers to Pay Their Bills
The Case for Direct Mail
Newspaper Ads Still Highly Effective
Even E-Commerce Companies Send Print Catalogs
Why the American Reader is Going All Print
4 Reasons Why Print Newspapers Are Still Relevant

Environmental Credentials of Print
Print Helps Protect Forests
Print on Paper and Healthy Forests Go Hand-in-Hand
The Environmental Impact of Print: Myths vs. Reality
Why "Going Paperless" is Not the Way to Save North American Forests
What You Need to Know About Printed Media and the Environment
Two Common Myths about Print on Paper, Busted!
Print is Good for Trees

Domtar, Paper Because: Handwriting Give the Brain a Workout
Two Sides Infographic: How Paper is Made
Two Sides Infographic: Paper and Sustainable Forestry
Two Sides Ecographic: "Ready to Bust Some Myths?"
Consumers Still Trust Traditional Media Advertising Over Online Ads

Fact Sheets
Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products
Paper is one of the most recycled products
Wood-based paper and non-wood based paper
Paper's carbon footprint isn't as high as you think
Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy

Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources Related to Paper, Forest Products and the Environment

Have you been receiving solicitations urging you to register for e-statements in order to help "save trees", and would like to be able to rebut this claim? Good news – a sample letter has already been drafted for your use.
Response to Claims that Switching to Online Statements Saves Trees

Choose Print has created a series of postcards promoting the fact that print is an effective and environmentally-friendly choice. Please feel free to download these cards, add your logo and return address, and mail them to your clients.

Please note: Postcards must be used as is, with no alterations or deletions other than the addition of your logo and replacing our return address with yours.

Print Promotes Trees
Print Engages Customers
Print is a Key Stimulus
Personalization Pays
Print...An Optimum Choice

Print Ads
Choose Print has created a series of full page print ads with accompanying articles for trade publications. Please feel free to download these ads and use them (as is) as reprints. They are available in full-bleed or without cropmarks for in-house printing.

Print is a Team Player full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print is Gloriously Tactile full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print Communicates full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print is Unique full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print Provides Green Options full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print Stands Out full-bleed | no cropmarks
Print is Alive and Well full-bleed | no cropmarks